1. Corkscrew
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Week 20 of LKHD's weekly releases #allimprov


I’m gettin’ crazy
I’m gettin’ mad
I’m gettin out of touch
I’m gettin’ sad

I’m gettin out of line
I’m gettin’ on a diet
I’m gettin’ in the place (right place)
I’m gonna find my grace

Watch me
Watch me now

I’m gettin’ out of this time period
I’m gettin’ to a place where you can understand
I’m tired of all the noise
It’s time to really rule my own, own land

I know I got to be on my inside
I know I got to do the best I can
I always gotta to keep myself on top
I cannot stop for no one

I’ve gotta dance
I’ve got dance for me
I’m gonna dance on
I gotta dance for me

Could you understand
What we’re working with these days is so difficult
I know I know what I know
But that don’t mean I know everything

I gotta ride
Do my best, eh
I gotta grove with the groove
With the attitude that takes me to school
Natural self education

We all need
We all need

I know I needed some education somethin’ for me
To make sure that I’m always huntin’
I can’t be screwed with these other folks
The folks don’t know what’s going down
And they don’t get a thing

I, oh, oh
I, oh, eh-eh-eh

Dance with me
Dance with me
Dance with me
Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me