Artist's Statement

Langston Kelly Human DJ

The all-improv, DJ style one man band.

      I am a one man band using my human faculties as a musician to create and mix music on the spot like a DJ. I began this project, in part, as a means to prove my suspicion that it is possible to spontaneously create music which is just as potent as music that has been composed and poured over for hours. I succeeded with my album Stop Being Dead. Though I continue to strive for this with each new work of art, my focus now lies upon the development of my relationship with the craft via skill building and its deeper application to magic.

      Art to me is a means of making magic–in its more basic sense the movement and manipulation of energy. The musician uses sound to cast spells which affect the resonance of a space and the thoughts and feelings of those exposed to the spell. You might call me a sonomancer. My talent is in the art of composition, but I also love to perform. Thus, I always improvise in order that I may compose and perform simultaneously summoning frequencies which are relaxing, wondrous, and invigorating.

      Additionally, I am interested in how music can physically effect the environment such as through the levitation of objects and through cymatics. It seems to me that we have only begun to touch upon the power of sound. I imagine there are some ancient traditions that we have either forgotten or are not paying enough attention to, which may provide knowledge of this sector. How can music affect plant growth and behavior? Can it be incorporated into farming and ecology? How serious is noise pollution and what might be done about it? Can sound be used to open portals between worlds? Some of you may view that last one as mere fantasy. To this sentiment I ask: if we can imagine it might it not possibly be real?