All improv DJ style one man band.”


       Creating a unique experience with every note, Langston Kelly Human DJ uses his skills at spontaneous composition and multi instrumentalism to craft sets of synthwave, trip-hop, house, hip-hop, nu jazz, and more on the fly. His musical foundation built from Jazz and Classical studies, Langston arrived at his current home city of Pittsburgh, PA via Duquesne University where he studied with the likes of James Houlik and Sean Jones. 

       After touring in Algeria with El Foukr R'Assembly in 2016, Langston released his first fully improvised album I am and subsequently his second, Prodigious Bipedality, in July 2017. Following the 2018 release of Stop Being Dead, his fullest work to date, Mr. Kelly took some time away from LKHD to meet the increasing demands of his band Starship Mantis. Now he is back with new releases and shows, and you can always catch him live on vocals and horns with Starship Mantis and hear him on their latest album.



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