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The Timean

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Week 7 of weekly releases.


Meet me outside
Meet me outside when I ride with the vibe

I wanna get live
I wanna get right when I ride with the vibe

Far flung in the cosmos (cosmos)
Lone star let me provoke
Radiation leaps brightly (brightly)
Beam diffuse energy (energy)
I am years after many me (many me)
Light cuts through the galaxy

And it slips right through to thee
Inform your reality
I bring change to keep things free (free, yeah)
I rearrange to make ends meet
Cycles come, but not exactly (never the same)
What I am is opportunity

(Opportunity, never the same)

Are you usin’ me, fruitfully (fruitfully)
Utilizin’ fertility
Of the mind to produce seeds (producin’ seeds)
Food for thought to make dreams grow
Cosmic essence that will feed ya soul (feed your soul)
With such gifts we can break the mold
Let the new stories unfold (unfold)
With the character of the old (oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
But ya know, ya better be bold

Ya better be bold (better be, be bold yeah)
(Ya better be)