From the recording In Search of What Is Needed

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In Search of What Is Needed

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Week 21 of LKHD's weekly releases #allimprov


Never ever let a man
Take me off my mode of control
I’ve got to go through the window
I know that I can do everything that I imagine

In my dreams even in the night time
When it gets to bright to see
By the bright lights of the city
I know the stars still shine upon me

Here I come in the days of old
I got somethin’s that I wanna unfold
I got to bring this story told
Story even when the story gets old

I know that I’ve got the power inside
I’ve got to let my bright light shine
Let it shine even in the
Darkest of the nights

Who faces their fears and comes out
Smellin’ like roses
Who faces those things that scare them
And they can still be whole afterwards

I gotta be the one
I’m tryina make that I am
And never undone
Got the power in my heart
And I know I can bring it
Into this world, yeah

This is what I needed always around me
Somethin’ that gives me solid ground see
Ooo, she givin’ me freedom
Oh, she makin’ it good for me

I can be the one in control
Or I can just let nature take its flow
I’m gonna see what they have in store
For us, yeah

Gonna be the one tonight who’s right
Gonna be the one tonight who fights
Gonna make sure I got the light
And I’ma bring it right

I’ma bring it right, yeah
And I’ma bring it right
And I’ma bring it right