1. Love Life
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Love Life

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Week 24 of my weekly releases and part of the all improv Feeling The Dream EP. Listen to full session on my shows page or watch my live performance https://youtu.be/YkHJNbdr3o0


You takin’ me to other places that I want to go
I can’t wait
You showin’ me the sights as I’ve been dreamin’ of
At the night time

Give me love and give me heart too
Give me passion from inside
Give me love and focus love and
Show me the real life

Show me the love life
Love life
Show me love life
The love life
Show me love life
Love life
Give me the love life

I’m dancin’ on a cloud
I’m feelin’ so good now
Might as well be down at the beach
Cause your water is washin’ over me, yeah

Feels so good
I keep on under love water, yeah
And you know I’m a deep creature, oh yeah
This is where I live-live-live, oh

Show me that life
Give me that life
Show me that beauty inside

Aye, show me love
Show me the life
Give me time
Oh I need
Probably for me and you
I’m not terrified, no