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Use My Voice

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Weekly release 36 #allimprov


Find me in a manor suite
Find me on another street
Find me in the way ya don’t
Find me in the way ya dough, I, I, I
Find me on the other side
Find me in the place to find
Find me when I’m gettin’ high
Find me when I’m high on the music, music
Cause I

I don’t n-n-n-need no drugs
I ju–I just, just need a little hug, I need a
I sometimes need a little rub
A need a bu-bu-bub, a little
I just want and I
I never ever gonna be a thug
I j-j-j-j-ust wanna be so loved
I just gotta find my own way
I gotta make sure I’m in a right space

You too seem to me
Seem to me, a-my-ba, no poverty
I’m gettin’ a probably
Gotta make it a pop, do a, a little, I need to
I need to make sure I’m gettin’ past
All the things that I need to be
I need to be but people are on top of me
They’re makin’ it harder for me, for me, oh

I need to not make it hard for myself
I need to make sure that I’m goin’ towards the wealth
I need to always do my very best
I need I need to be disciplined

I, I got to defend
The things that really mean somethin’ to me in the end
I gotta make sure I’m being a friend
To myself and my people too, you know that it’s

My only choice
Gotta use my voice yeah
My only choice
Use my voice, make a change

Gotta, gotta make a change
Always the real way
So much is a waste of time, society
Stop it, stop it, stop it

Yo, I’m tryina make a way
I need to make a new way cause people are in my way
Always gettin in the main they makin’ the wrong moves
They doin’ somethin’ that I cannot get in the groove, I
I need to flow through my day cause I’m a traveller
I need to always goin’ from place to place
When things are gettin’ in my way
I got stopped place
Then I gotta figure out a way to keep the pace

With myself even when it ain’t workin’ out
And somehow I wanna shout about it
Makin’ me have doubts about the path that I’m on
I gotta make sure that I remain strong
I am a warrior always goin’ though
Gotta explore these things I get through
Don’t care what you gonna do
If you wanna stop me you gonna fail dude

I’ve got no choice
Use my voice
I’m on a mission
I’ve made my decision
Only one way for me
That is my reality
I’ve gotta to move on
In a way that’s keepin’ me strong
In a way that

In a way that’s keepin’ me strong
I gotta way–move in the way, keepin’ me
Keepin’ me in the place where I belong
Gotta look inside of my spirit and really hear it
What I know I got the font of youth inside of me
Gotta make sure I’m bringin’ the proof I see
Ya know I gotta do this like 1-2-3
Take another step then repeat this
Repeat it every single day
Every single day and never ever standin’ in my way
Every time I got to get up in the mornin’
Gotta make sure that there’s no reason to be mournin’
I gotta make sure I’m doin’ more than what they askin’
Because I gotta do somethin’ for me too
I need more time, more energy
And make sure that I’m building it for the future

Buildin’, use my voice
I have got no choice
I must use my voice
I’ve gotta move

Move on, I gotta keep it strong
Yeah, move on
I gotta keep myself in motion
In motion, emotion
Motion, li-li-little joy
In (e)motion, motion