Artist's Statement

  I am a sonomancer, creating music and relating it to life and nature in order to facilitate the magical experience. I began this project as the "all-improv, DJ-style one man band." My goal, in part, was to prove my suspicion that it is possible to spontaneously create music which is just as potent as music that has been composed and poured over for hours. I succeeded more.


Langston Kelly Human DJ is a sonomancer who makes soundtracks for life. The aim is to make magical experiences with music whereby listeners can explore the space between their inner and outer worlds and merge the two. As the former frontman for the funk band Starship Mantis and his current Fantastic Adventures with Rhetorical Artz, LKHD has the skills more.

Press Kit

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LKHD-CV 2023 Curriculum Vitae for Langston Kelly Human DJ 474 KB