Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

 I am a one man band using my human faculties as a musician to create and mix music on the spot like a DJ. Art to me is a means of making magic. The musician uses sound to cast spells, which affect the vibe of a place and the thoughts and feelings of those exposed to the spell. My talent is in the art of composition, but I also love to perform. more.


Creating a unique experience with every note, Langston Kelly Human DJ uses his skills at spontaneous composition and multi instrumentalism to craft sets of synthwave, house, hip-hop, and more on the fly. His musical foundation built from Jazz and Classical studies, Langston arrived at his current home city of Pittsburgh, PA via Duquesne University where he studied with the likes of James Houlik and Sean more.

Press Kit

If you are writing an article or hosting a show, the press kit is your one stop shop for all things LKHD including biographical information, High resolution photos, music, and press links. Go to press kit.