Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

 I am a one man band using my human faculties as a musician to create and mix music on the spot like a DJ. Art to me is a means of making magic. The musician uses sound to cast spells, which affect the vibe of a place and the thoughts and feelings of those exposed to the spell. My talent is in the art of composition, but I also love to perform. more.


Creating a unique experience with every note, LKHD uses his skills at spontaneous composition and multi instrumentalism to craft unique sonic experiences ranging in genre from synthwave, trip-hop, house, hip-hop, nu jazz, and more on the fly. With his musical foundation formalized at Duquesne University, where he also met his perpetual collaborator Rhetorical Artz, LKHD was introduced to the music scene as a more.

Press Kit

If you are writing an article or hosting a show, the press kit is your one stop shop for all things LKHD including biographical information, High resolution photos, music, and press links. Go to press kit.