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A Taste of The Worldz

The Realm of Phola can be described in one word...cold. The water is frozen over, little plant and wild life remains, and what survives often proves dangerous to those that encounter them, Stories tell of a time before stories where the world was flush with life. and the sun was so warm that standing in its light could cause a strange salty water could pour from one's face. What happened to this pleasant world is unknown. Despite the current environmental difficulties, however, pholans have found a way thrive in this otherwise desolate and still very dangerous place,

Neverwinter is a well known and cherished faerûnian city in the D&D narrative. This Neverwinter, however, is a wartorn ruin of former glory with polluted waters, poisonous gas, and criminal nobles culminating into a dystopian fantasy. This is the intro from episode 1 beginning with a monologue by Brux, a main player character in the Osai saga and for whom Streets of Shadow serves as a backstory.

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